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User Info There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price; entered at 2021-08-31 09:30:27
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I was VERY, VERY concerned @Whitehat when this started that you were going to get narrow, spike-based, mis-matched B-cell induction in which case the damage would be permanent and, if the virus evolved to be enhanced by that mismatch you were fucked and there was nothing we could do about it.

The Israeli data along with the study out of Cleveland Clinic on reinfection has convinced me otherwise. The latter I absolutely trust because it was NOT based on PCR testing but rather on clinical illness and, since among their staff members, was likely close to 100% reliable in terms of segregation between "yes and no" on who actually had the virus. Between those two it is CLEAR that natural infection DOES induce B-cell recall, it is extremely broad and durable -- and may be lifetime. It probably is against severe outcomes, provided you're not immune-compromised. This is why OC43 RARELY kills anyone these days, but it killed a shit-ton of people in the 1890s. The virus is still there and is still mutating -- but you're not dying from it until and unless you're immune-system-fucked, and then occasionally people do.

The Israeli data fully explains WHY the manufacturers set the dosing where they did and it also STRONGLY implies that B-cell induction does NOT take place from the jabs. Between those two things you DO take a hideous risk as the titers wane from the jab, BUT the risk also wanes. If you DID get B-cell induction from them it would not and the risk of being screwed would be permanent.

On the data, it isn't.
2021-08-31 09:30:27