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User Info There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price; entered at 2021-08-31 09:05:45
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@Franco -
Why do you think that?

Because the evidence is that the jabs do not produce B-cell recall. If they did then the decay rate would be nowhere near what it is, as the B-cells (along with your spleen and other parts of the immune system) replenish antibodies in circulation, and in response to challenge can almost-immediately replenish them to sufficient levels to provide protection against significant disease.

Since that's not the case with the titers produced by the jabs the rational explanation is that B-cell induction does not occur, just as it doesn't if you get monoclonal antibodies.

Vaccine-enhanced disease relies on the continuing presence of said antibodies since that's what causes it; you have binding but not neutralizing antibodies, and that makes the virus more-able to get into your cells rather than less. If the titer wanes to zero over time because there was no B-cell induction then the risk declines to zero too. OAS relies on B-cell induction as well; that is a mis-training of the immune system such that it responds incorrectly. Again, no B-cell induction and THAT risk declines to zero over time.

This of course assumes you stop getting jabbed. If you KEEP doing so then you keep renewing the risk. But -- if induction had occurred then those risks would be permanent -- there would be no way back through the one-way door.

It appears, based on the Israeli data, there IS a way back out. You simply have to stop taking the jabs and accept that FOR A WHILE you will be at enhanced risk, but not FOREVER.

Now stopping the jabs may, depending on the level of government and private-actor stupidity, involve extreme actions -- up to and including eating people and making sure that families have nothing worthwhile to hold a funeral with. If so, well, that's the choice but THEY are the ones forcing you to do so, and that must ALWAYS be kept in mind.
2021-08-31 09:05:45