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User Info Simply Put: **** YOU; entered at 2021-08-21 13:34:28
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Thanks for that feedback. I am 53 and had a full set of labs run last year. Elevated LDL-P count was my only negative, but my LDL-P was heavily VLDL i.e. not harmful.

I have been able to use AFLD and Push to get Ivm and HCQ. Budesonide and other cortical steroids scare me, especially in the context of an active infection. If I get to that point, I am probably screwed because I will be in the hospital with no advocate (I live alone).

I also eat a lot or turmeric and 4 brazil nuts every day. Last year I lost 40 pounds. This year I've put almost 15 back on, but half is muscle (bought my own rack/bench/weights in late Oct last year). I run ~25 miles per week, plus some walking and 10-15km of rowing. Other than dropping 5 pounds of fat, there isn't much space left for me to improve my health.
2021-08-21 13:34:28