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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-07 05:12:19
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"Your theory about Merck and their tweaked ivermectin makes sense only if you buy the old busted theory that this is just about money.

It's not.

Having a cure would wreck the genocide project."

I don't actually believe the whole thing is about money. That's more Karl's position. The reason I say it can't be just about money is that countries that are not going to make any money off of using the mRNA are still supporting the mission. For example, I didn't see any French company connected to profits from selling jabs. And yet the French are going hardest for mandatory vaccination. The only thing that I can think would justify it monetarily for someone like the French is if they know that the jabs will kill more over 65 people, and so reduce Social Security and medical spending. I don't think they're thinking like that yet.

However, it becomes clearer and clearer that this thing is blowing up. Fauci, who clearly is greedy, wanting patents that will profit from selling more jabs, Is one of the monetarily interested people in this situation. (I personally think that he would not go after this for the purposes of money, of which he has a lot and not much time to spend it, but rather glory: he was the man who came up with the solution that stopped the pandemic dead. Too bad that he's just not that good of a scientist, although he seems to be very good at working as a bureaucrat.) if you've seen recent stock reports on Pfizer and Moderna, you'll see how much money they have made and project to make from the jabs.

It's pretty clear that with some of the billions earned from the germs, they could pay off the FDA to approve what has been the most deadly vaccines in US history, at least as reported in the VAERS database. However, those profits are also a target for other drug companies. If Merck is really working on a cure, that cure, if granted, would wipe out the justification for the US. That would lead to a tremendous profit from Merck, and a tremendous loss to Pfizer. It would also get Fauci out of his predicament: there would be no more jabbing because there's no approval, and so He can no longer ask people to get them. And companies can no longer mandate them. A Merck backer could pay off the FDA and get an EUA, especially a hedge fund long MRK and short PFE.

As I mentioned, I think he's not great as a scientist, but pretty good as a bureaucrat. He's looking for a way out. This might just do it for him. It's low probability, but not zero.
2021-08-07 05:12:19