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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-04 22:50:53
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***The toxic jabs***

*Vaccine effectiveness*
The Pfizer Phase 3 studies showed - even after a large critical test cohort was removed - that the signal of benefit lay well inside the reasonable experimental uncertainty. In other words, the bes4t possible result would be no better than noise. Incidentally, the test did prove that most subjects did not get sick at all, during the trial.

In other words, the best result that could be hoped for was 'noise' .

It appears that since the trial, and number of the vaxxed, and unvaxxed, cv19 positive participants have died. Apparently in almost equal numbers. (To be confirmed).

At best, these toxic liquids can provide a panacae - a mental crutch. It is 'noise', after all.

At worst, they will kill and injure countless victims.

*Vaccine real-world effects*
Between VAERS (US), EUR, UK (17 countries) , Scotland - some 40,000+ deaths have occurred, with over 2.5 million injured (half of which seriously). The real numbers may be upwards of 10 times, perhaps even higher.

*Vaccine pressure continues*
Previous vaccines were withdrawn after around 50 deaths. Yet, the FDA, CDC, US govt continue to push. Why are they doing this, if in good conscience?

*Worldwide pressure*
Much of the developed world follows the US medical lead. This madness puts pressure on officials in remote parts of the planet. This must stop!

*Immediate deaths*
We have direct knowledge of 3 vax-related deaths. People talk in markets and on the ground. It is highly unlikely that coersive force would succeed here, for a number of reasons. Principal is dominant power of the masses. The grapevine trumps propaganda, and has for 40 years. The rulers would be running in one day, if the masses got angry. Blood would flow - lots of it.

*Long-term effects*
Medical science has been utterly discredited. It will take multiple decades to try and recover. It won't succeed. The time of US dominance in medical matters, has passed - Fauci, Collins have brought shame on a once great nation.

During the cv19 saga, many herbal and natural treatments have been found to be completely effective against cv19. Thailand have had trials using natural herbs, with more than 99% success on over 1q,000 participants who were cv19 pcr positive. Other non-pharma treatments have been discovered.

Short/ big pharma
Long/ natural treatments

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2021-08-04 22:50:53