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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-04 19:17:45
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Regarding that CDC leaked document last week. You make have seen Malone's comments on it which I got to from another blog. After catching up, I read his comments and thought that at least he had some insightful comments like on slide 7 implying 100% vaxing won't work.

That said, what I wanted to another blogger I found today over on substack. I was reading all the comments to Alex Berenson's posts and Brian Mowrey seemed to have a lot of commentary that was interesting and I discovered he has 2 recent articles going over natural immunity and then one on the "leaked" CDC report and how they've cherry picked the supporting data to essentially create a false narrative document to scare the public along with help of course from Wapo et. al. He goes over the actual data they used in different trials and shows how it's misleading.

Just noticed he has a follow up which I'll read shortly:

As to the immunity articles from 7/14,20, they are fascinating as well with him going through what most of you have learned here from KD, but I think he's got a different angle in some respects and interesting data to back it up that of course doesn't make it to the folks that need it.

Like Berenson, these are free, but I'll warn you they are all very long, and at times his writing style sometimes is akin to reading something written by Yoda if you follow me (reversed logic sentences), but I think if you have the time, you'll find they are highly informative.
2021-08-04 19:17:45