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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-04 17:29:12
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While the protein subunit jabs don't have the wildcard of exactly how much your body might produce and for how long, you are still getting a lot of the protein systemically. The endothelial damage from that might turn out to be the worst danger from all of these.

Might it be possible to take large amounts of certain supplements and medications to quickly mop up those proteins? Perhaps, but there's no more evidence of that than for the jabs themselves being safe or effective.

We'll see if Novavax ever gets approved. We might find out about Covaxin soon. There are conflicting claims whether that will happen in a few weeks or a few months. It's available in Mexico. If you travelled there for a few weeks, presumably could get it. Maybe could even simply get documentation that you received it for a benjamin or two.

Because of the huge number of people in India who've received Covaxin, there might be enough pressure on the WHO to approve it. However, we might never seen anything approved in the US other than Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. So nice that we have the best government health department that money can buy. Because of that, even if you get an alternative jab, good luck getting an employer or other entity to accept that. They'll want you to get one of the approved ones too. Thinking we're seeing that with international students at universities.

2021-08-04 17:29:12