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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-25 13:50:16
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Registered: 2021-04-21 Portland
Somebody please enlighten me, how can a vaccine that only confers non-sterilising immunity be said to be confering immunity AT ALL? My supposition is that it is supposed to be confering immunity only against serious illness and death, but that certainly is not the notion abroad in the culture. Maybe I am wrong, but most of the vaxxed and the propagandists (journalists, governors, HR) for it believe that like every other vaccine, it is confering sterilizing immunity. In other words, if you are innoculated with this stuff, you are a) completely immune, i.e. you cannot get the disease and b) cannot spread it.

Approaching all this strictly from the standpoint of persuasive rhetoric, for myself I have been using the "covid19 vaccines are dangerous" argument vis a vis blood clots especially. Of course, this is right, but it is not enough to be right. We have to be persuasive, and personally I think the "vaccine is not even a vaccine" argument is far easier to understand and to successfully articulate to a non-STEM public, i.e. most people. It is, for one thing, astonishing, and secondly, it is infuriating. That's the point at which to say that besides not conferring real immunity, this nothingburger appears besides to be a significant health threat in terms of blood clots etc.

"Okay, I understand that you really want to get the shot, but why? It doesn't protect you either from getting Covid or from spreading it."


"That's right, and none of the health authorities claim that it does, though they are alright with leaving the impression that it does. No, the claim is only that it will mitigate symptoms if you do get it and that you will not die of it. However, recent developments are starting to show that even this is not certain."

Besides that, when discussing this with the vaxxed whom I have come to consider as not long for this world, I feel very uncomfortable alerting them to the fact that they may very well be full of mini-bloodclots. Yet, while they live, they can still be a force for good, so merely alerting them to what is the actual declared scope of their vaccination may help put them in the anti-vax camp.

This is my non-STEM understanding of the situation. I realize this comment may cause some significant eye-rolling, but my interest is in getting this info out to the general public vis a vis letters to the editor and so forth and I want a) to be absolutely sure of my footing b) to exploit what developments there may be that will be persuasive for the average bloke.

I did, btw, hand deliver that letter to the archbishop to his chancery. Thank you to several here for helpful advice, of which I need more.

2021-07-25 13:50:16