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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-24 14:32:29
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Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg describes how the WHO and pharma is generating the pandemic bullshit. Pharma owns the health agencies and they have a big one to stick in us forever. Genocidal/economic destruction.

In the middle of this video, Wodarg goes through the idea of what a real pandemic is. I recall the Hong Kong flu. Everybody seemed to be sick. PCR just finds evidence that is always present. Have any of you known more than a couple of people at a time that were visibly sick? They made everybody hide out, so we could not see who was sick. The old farts, at the bar the other night, were talking about 6000 new cases, in Texas. OF WHAT? There are 30 million people, in Texas. 5000 times 6000 equals 30 million. How many false tests? Terror campaign.

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