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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-24 14:24:13
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@Ceiii2000: I have seen videos where they are removing cases and back filling with unrelated reports. This is the biggest fraud in public health in history, maybe larger than everything else ever done, for the previous 100 years and maybe, if this is exposed, the next 100 years combined. This is a program of mass genocide. The Fuellmich video I posted above, Zelenko goes through the process (Start in the middle area), where the FDA took Trump's emergency use order, screwed it around, where it was hospital only, used the fraud Lancet report to destroy it and then plug in Remdesivir, which is a poison and put in a ban on HCQ. Those involved in this need to go to the gallows. The jabs are like a gun, designed to blow up in your hand, maybe not the first shot fired, the first 100, but late enough to think the problem developed, instead of being built in. I posted the next link earlier, but David Martin goes through the CRIMINAL Anti Trust violations behind the jabs, which ties Fauci, Gates and company into a scheme of collusion between competitors and others to distort information for the benefit of making money. It could be used to strip immunity, from the damages. Blow up the bastards.
2021-07-24 14:24:13