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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-23 16:46:36
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Desperation is an amusing thing to watch among political types such as Fauci and now, UofCA and others.

UofCA -- their mandate is NOT "one time." If there's a booster "indicated" that too is mandated. You make the decision to comply with this you're STUPID, whether you already took the stab or not, as it's now an OPEN ENDED mandate you signed up for, and the further in you go, the more-dumb it is because you have more and more sunk cost.

Kay Ivey -- Flat-out false.

TNDOH today - Same deal. Their dashboard is settable to ANY date; from that, trivially, no, 97% of the hospitalizations are not unvaccinated. Set the "date" to May 1st (reasonably the first "all available" date + 2 weeks, at which point adults could freely access it and be allegedly "protected."

No, there were not OVER SIX THOUSAND people that went to the hospital for Covid-19 since May 1st. Never mind that not everyone who wanted a shot got it at once. In other words, the cunt lied.

Why scream so loud?

And why did Lee come out and say "our job is to advise, yours is to choose?" Perhaps his neck is itching, at least politically, and he knows damn well what happens if the pattern we're seeing elsewhere (e.g. Malta, Israel, etc) comes HERE and starts horsefucking all the people that were TOLD or FORCED to get (not offered) the jabs.

In short they know what's happened in Israel and now in the UK is coming, and the speed of it is accelerating -- and that the window to pull their bullshit IS CLOSING FAST. I thought we'd get to late fall. Not anymore; I now expect it within a MONTH at which point the ability to actually talk anyone into this will go straight in the shitter, and attempts to coerce will likely get the person doing it run over with an SUV -- twice, just to make sure they didn't miss with the tire to the head.
2021-07-23 16:46:36