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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-22 14:54:09
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Registered: 2019-10-10
They will get away with it, they always have.

A half million "died" from COVID in the USA, which is nothing compared to the 6+ million people that die from starvation every year around the world. No amount of dead bodies is enough to change anything materially. If it was things would have changed long ago.

They WILL get away with this, NOTHING will happen to those that lie and profit from those lies, NOTHING.

Just ask Hillary (Trump swore he would put her in jail, she's still free)... And Bush Jr. (Obama swore he would try him for war crimes and not only is he free he is kissy kissy with the Obama family). Not to mention Obama dropped more bombs that Bush ever did with congressional approval (Bush's supposed war crimes).

One party will simply blame the other, neither side of the idiots (party believers) will stop voting for one of the two parties that fucked everything up, rinse and repeat.

It's the way it has been and always will be.

How is this not obvious to everyone???
2021-07-22 14:54:09