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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-22 13:39:24
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Registered: 2021-05-30
So @Aaron starts us on the next phase--what now?

As for the /rvaxxers theyre response will be predictable.

Denial--in the beginning stage of this

Anger--The stage you are concerned about, and we all should since this is next.

US: Don't be around, if have to be around be grey, and if you cant be grey fake sympathy and encouragement. Anything else will unleash the wrath against us.

Bargaining--all the mitigation, foofy cures rumors, and government "but muh needs.

US: Not sure, but this will be the point in time for vast expenditures, money programs, runs on everything from tonic water to Ivermectin--look! grass seed can stop covid reinfection! Tickerguys point will probably be a good start.

Depression--where it all sinks in, the next dangerous point in time, also probably mass suicides, trials, etc.

US: Popcorn.

Acceptance--the worst point where we will have to listen to even more saintly bs as they try to correct the history books thru spin in order to "leave something to prosperity, the future generations"

US: Avoidence. It will be nauseating to be around. Start focusing on peers of survivors for reconstruction. After, we can burn their books and write critical histories for coming civics classes about lessons learned.

For anything less than 10% death rates. Anything past that, well lets just say skills will be of personal importance rather than financial.

2021-07-22 13:39:24