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User Info Here It Comes; entered at 2021-07-22 09:11:45
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To expand a bit on where the problem with nucleocapsid T-cell destruction likely comes from.....

When you get a coronavirus the spike has evolved to evade the immune system. That's why you get sick in the first place, otherwise the spike would get attacked and destroyed before it could invade cells. An "invaded" cell gets destroyed when identified, but if the "free" spike is identified and destroyed that would likely produce no pathology and the virus would fail, since it can't reproduce before it gets inside a cell.

Thus what we're doing with these shots -- causing very high IgG titers to the spike -- is something that typically DOES NOT HAPPEN with natural infection at all. If it DOES happen it's because you got asspounded and likely died (or got damn close.) It was NEVER in evidence that doing this was safe because it doesn't happen in people who get mild or moderate infections. Rather than look at that IN DETAIL FIRST we just went ahead and figured "antibodies are antibodies."

Uh, no they're not. The immune system is complex and we have a relatively poor understanding of it, SPECIFICALLY when it comes to interactions.

It thus now appears that producing a high IgG antibody titer to the spike preferentially replaces some of the existing T-cell immunity to nucleocapsids in favor of the "new matrix" if you will. That's fucked up but in people with a good immune response doesn't matter under natural infective challenge because that simply NEVER HAPPENS in those individuals. Our body's immune system thus NEVER EVOLVED to prevent that outcome as it was never challenged that way and thus natural selection was NEVER PRESSURED to favor that outcome.

Pursuing the path we took without first examining whether it was a common path under natural infective pressure was....

2021-07-22 09:11:45