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User Info And?; entered at 2021-07-21 13:45:14
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The Catholic Church does not forcibly take money from anyone (exception is the bizarre case of Germany, where all the churches -- Catholic, Lutheran, whatever --
have a sick tax arrangement with the government). It is the Lord who commands tithing, dating back to the law of Moses, but it's a matter between each person and God; the Church cannot coerce, but only encourage.

I don't know about other dioceses, but in my own, the bishop says tithing can include more than just contributions to the local parish and diocese. So in my own personal accounting, I count as part of "tithing" my contributions to all kinds of things I see as part of building God's kingdom, from Lila Rose's Live Action organization and my local crisis pregnancy center, to disaster relief and sponsoring children in developing countries.
2021-07-21 13:45:14