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Superdude: "This is an organization (the Roman Catholic Church) that extracts 10 percent from their membership."

No, it doesn't. Maybe it would like to, but the reality is totally different. About fifteen years ago I looked into this, since I was wondering how much I would be in for if I started to attend some church. At that time I was finding that the typical Roman Catholic family in the U.S. was giving about $700 per year to their church. A mainline Protestant family was giving about $1,200, and an evangelical family about $2,000. About 5 percent of Americans tithed then, and less than half that percentage of Roman Catholics. I am having a really hard time finding comparable statistics now, but I presume the ratios are about the same. I think a lot of Roman Catholics feel their church already has plenty of money. Our household gives to a Roman Catholic organization but we certainly don't tithe to it!

I attend a small Protestant denomination that does not have a paid clergy (we feel that we have no laity); our costs are extremely low. In fact we have no paid employees. Our church in Silicon Valley - a good sized building and grounds - has an annual budget of $54,000. I will be donating about $600 this year to the church itself and that is just fine (I also donate to other things of course in part to make up for this measly church-giving).

2021-07-21 12:48:59