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User Info And?; entered at 2021-07-21 11:45:48
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Registered: 2021-04-21 Portland
Karl, what a website this is! I'll admit to being fascinated and even addicted. That said, concerning everything having to do with Forever, especially my Forever, I am trying to do both the safest thing, and the things that will bring the most blessings and graces down on my head. At my age it would be wildly imprudent to do anything else. Besides, as a super long term investment strategy how can it be beat?.

As for the damned and the damnable my inclination more and more is to think, "You poor bastard, what were you thinking?" and to pray more and more that the Lord will have mercy on us all, especially me. Whatever else one may think of it, that surely is the safer course. In any case, since I cannot go to God as an innocent I, at least, am better off crying for mercy for myself and for all.

2021-07-21 11:45:48