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User Info And?; entered at 2021-07-21 10:10:16
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I am a Lutheran, and not Catholic. My synod also practices closed communion (basically if you don't like what we preach, believe and stand we will not offer you sacraments). Half my family is Catholic, so when visiting them we don't go up just as they don't when visiting me.

However, there are a lot of people who feel that the Church needs to support them no matter what they actually believe. I am on the board and church, and we have people come up and DEMAND we change the teaching on X because of Y. Often because they got caught in an affair and don't like feeling guilty.

That isn't how it works.

They then get rather angry and occasionally violent. Never mind they could go down the street to the Anglican or ELCA church and do anything they want, they want to tell us what to believe to salve their guilty conscience.

It is like walking into a basketball game with a baseball bat and demanding the rules be changed so you can hit the basketball.
2021-07-21 10:10:16