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User Info Ok, We're A Nation Of PUSSIES; entered at 2021-07-18 13:07:38
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@Happyapricot - I think they want to defund the police because a major step in any revolution is the delegitimization of the existing state's monopoly on violence. These people are Marxists and they are trying to take over the country. In their dream police will be replaced by counselors and ideological enforcers (Antifa) who will work everything with the party line in mind.

I grew up in DC and left a decade ago for Austin, two of the cities specifically mentioned. The area where Nationals stadium is was very rough 20 years ago, it is near the waterfront and was home to DC's only true warehouse and industrial area, given DC mainly produces hot air, memos, and debt. Back then it was a combo of decay and large entertainment venues that specialized in fringe stuff like raves and LGBT. Most of these places would be open well into the next morning on weekends, talking 7, 8, 9am because they were fine not selling alcohol all night as most of the crowd was blitzed on all sorts of party drugs. It was a very interesting dichotomy as the US capitol was only a few blocks away. It all came to an end when the local news sent undercover cameras into one and filmed US military members from the nearby bases partying and doing drugs. Shortly thereafter the whole area was slated for redevelopment with the stadium as centerpiece. DC has a number of these areas that were very rough and have been revitalized in the past couple of decades, I've never been convinced that it will last there are just too many bad parts surrounding them so it's interesting to see that shootings are happening down in the stadium area again.

As for Austin it has definitely become worse in my time here. When I moved in it was pleasantville I couldn't believe how clean it was and the news at night had literal stories of cats being rescued out of trees. There were a few bums but they were locals and generally harmless. Once the hard leftists like mayor Steve Adler and anchor baby Marxist council member Greg Casar got their repeal of the public camping ban in things rapidly went downhill. Huge tent cities everywhere, aggressive panhandlers everywhere, shootings every day. I'm convinced things like this are being done to try and get non leftists to move out of Texas, make life bad enough to get us to move away and be replaced with more left coasters. The national dems know that if they win Texas they will never be out of power and their money and tentacles are everywhere here - for one example search "Southwest key programs" on the web. We are fighting back though, through ballot initiative we reinstated the camping ban and there is another to undo their police budget attack. The state is also passing laws that are making it less desirable for leftists - constitutional carry, restrictive abortions, voting regulations. I used to evaluate laws on their merits now I only care whether they make the state less desirable for libs and to what degree. We are in the fight of our lives here with huge implications for the nation. Unfortunately given the demographic situation it's likely a delaying battle at best.

As for the pussy aspect of the ballgame itself it's true most of those in attendance are probably gov workers of some stripe these are generally people who can't handle any risk at all in their lives the reaction isn't surprising. Everytime there is a phony gov shutdown they start wailing about the struggles they'll face even though it's turned out to be a paid vacation every time. They generally finance their lives to the max because they have a guaranteed job so who knows maybe they really are afraid of missing one check.

2021-07-18 13:07:38