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User Info Ok, We're A Nation Of PUSSIES; entered at 2021-07-18 10:33:28
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Well, to be honest, I do not believe it's appropriate to draw conclusions about Americans from this incident. (Not saying the conclusions aren't correct, but only that this incident is not appropriate to use for drawing such conclusions.)

First, this is DC, so that would mean that an inordinately large fraction of the people in attendance were gov't employees and/or in some way living on the public trough as employees of companies whose very existence relies on the continual corruption of gov't. IMO, such people have to be ethically-challenged in some way in order to be content living their parasitic lives, and cannot be considered as "typical" Americans (or what "typical " Americans should be).

And second, IMO, one has to be a special kind of low-life scumbag to financially support (especially through attendance) any professional "sports ball" nowadays, since the organizations have very clearly gone over to the dark side (no pun intended) by supporting BLM and the "progressive" left agenda. Again, I would not include those in attendance in the "typical" American category.
2021-07-18 10:33:28