Ok, We're A Nation Of PUSSIES
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2021-07-18 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 817 references Ignore this thread
Ok, We're A Nation Of PUSSIES
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The entire ****ing nation is so ******ned soft that if Xi came over here and said "mine" you'd all suck him.

You know I'm right.

Last night during the Nationals game a couple of gang-bangers apparently got into it outside the stadium and shot at each other.  I'm presuming that's what it was, although I obviously can't prove it.  But that shots were fired outside appears to be fact.

Now folks, last time I checked baseball stadiums tend to be made out of metal and concrete, which blocks small arms fire really well.  If said gang-bangers were outside, and they were, then the best place to be is in the stadium.

Cops are reporting two people were shot.  So what?

The park is in the middle of lefty Hell, Bowser's Paradise.  As with most of the cities-cum-****holes it's gotten ridiculously worse over the last 20 or so years.  When I lived in Chicago there were bad parts of town but you were quite safe walking up MagMile to shop.  Not anymore.  You might get carjacked right in the middle of the Loop nowdays.  That sort of crap was unheard of at the time.

Austin TX has undergone a "similar" transformation, as has basically all of San Francisco (which used to be confined more or less to the Tenderloin district) and, of course, Portland.

Think a bit about this: Two gangbangers, more or less, shut down a 40,000 person public event when there was not one scintilla of risk to anyone inside.

That's.... impressive.

Home of the brave?

Meh.  Not any more.  And even better, thank you very much Mayor and the Nationals for pointing out to every nutjob and worse, our actual enemies (you know, China again) that we will hide under our beds and trash elements of our economy because two dudes decide to shoot it out on the other side of a concrete and steel wall.

You don't think that might get exploited, do you?

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