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User Info Is This For Real?; entered at 2021-07-17 09:15:49
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@Invisiblesun -
I hope for the 2020 election scam to be revealed. I hope for the Biden administration to be investigated for its abject dishonesty and lawlessness.

Who will do that investigating, who can compel the production of anything from said Administration if they say "nuts!" and what's to come?

See, that's the problem and it's why Nixon said "nope!" when he got cheated. And the evidence IS that he got cheated. He knew damn well what was risked by not declining to engage, but the decision, once made, was made.

Trump simply refused to do that and still refuses to this day. That's not just bad, its catastrophically bad. Real life is not a TV show. Trump, like so many other people who acquire wealth whether by fair means or foul, believes his own press.

Puffery is part of the game when you're engaged in business but as soon as you believe your own bull**** you're in trouble and asking to get it straight up the ass.
2021-07-17 09:15:49