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User Info Is This For Real?; entered at 2021-07-17 09:07:55
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..."we'd all be speaking German". Was its so schlimm an Deutsch? We're still being propagandized 80 years after the beginning of the second world war. Hitler, in his mistaken belief that not prosecuting the war against Germany's English cousins would make them more amenable to peace, gave the Wehrmacht stand down orders for a couple of days at Dunkirk, allowing the British to escape and live to fight another day.
Regardlesss of Trump's being a feckless nincompoop and carnival barker, America is headed inexorably for a day of reckoning. No country with interests and groups as disparate as America has can exist long term. We are accelerating down the road and the brick wall isn't moving.
2021-07-17 09:07:55