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User Info Is This For Real?; entered at 2021-07-17 08:29:38
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Registered: 2009-02-09 Lansing Michigan
Isn't there a third option?

wait until the hype machine winds down, as shown, the Dems were expecting just that, Trump to act immediately, and were prepared, we can see this in the Jan 6th PR fiasco.

either way it was going to go hot, but now you have given the fullness of time to come up with solid proof as well as let joe and the Ho **** up a zillion times in short order. Let some fence sitters that may have not come around think about things for a while, let some that voted for Biden feel betrayed and dismayed.

I doubt that anything will happen, but if it does, which side do you chose?
2021-07-17 08:29:38