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User Info Is This For Real?; entered at 2021-07-17 08:21:36
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@Lamarth -
Given the people he trusted, it was totally the right call not to commit. Milley is the latest to become painfully obvious - but he still had Barr at that time. Also, there was Pence. At best, Trump was a total failure at hiring loyal people.

Entirely possible that was the right call but then you shut the **** up, tell everyone else to ****ing stand down and that you lost.

That's the point of the article. By continuing to not only allow but encourage this crap on a continued basis he is now the cause of said civil conflict if we get one -- he's personally responsible for it.

Nixon, I remind you, almost-certainly DID have the election stolen from him. He was unwilling to commit as well, and he recognized that there was only one correct course of action available to him that was even remotely-defensible if he did not commit: Tell everyone to shut up, go home, and that he lost.
2021-07-17 08:21:36