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User Info Is This For Real?; entered at 2021-07-17 07:32:12
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I saw some of the video from that hearing. Quite a few people registered after the october deadline it seems. They claim there were 74,000 ballots mailed back in with no record of them having been mailed out (which could easily be just a recording error or missing paperwork). They also showed how a number of ballots were on the wrong kind of paper and votes bled through to the other side (again could be that they printed them onsite as they ran short on election day). They still haven't gotten the routers either but they did show that the registration server was compromised and that it was trivially easy to hack the AZ election system.

Tucker Carlson covered some good info on the GA election as well. Stacks of supposedly mailed in ballots that were never folded. Trump screwed us all by not going all in on this before Jan 20th.
2021-07-17 07:32:12