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2021-07-17 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Is This For Real?
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Well, I'm not going to pass judgement on this -- yet....

Earlier today the Arizona Senate held a hearing on the ongoing Maricopa County forensic audit.

But -- what is reported out of there, if even one of the allegations, which are claimed to be backed by actual facts on the ground, is true means that the election was bogus.

One of the most-damning is the claim of a large number of voters who were not registered on election day but were shown as registered in December and in fact were marked as having voted in the November election, and that number alone exceeded the margin of victory.

As a reminder Arizona does not offer same-day registration; the poll books close 29 days prior to election day.

If this allegation standing alone is true then the entire election in the State of Arizona was deliberately and systematically tampered with.  It is simply not possible for someone to retroactively vote and an unregistered person cannot legally vote, nor can they accidentally vote since their name is not on the precinct voter rolls; ergo, if in fact that poll book number claimed is accurate then the entire election is by definition bogus and it occurred due to systematic, mass and organized fraud, not individual people who didn't register in one place or another or some random error at a polling place (which does happen in all elections.)

This does not just impact the Presidency -- remember that the Senate balance was determined by this election in that State as well.  While the margin there was much larger than that for President and thus is not presumptively in question the other irregularities alleged may get to that point.

I repeat what I said before, however, at the time of the election: If Trump was convinced that he had been cheated he was obligated as the Commander in Chief to act at that time via whatever means were necessary.  He, personally and singularly, decided not to do so.

What does this mean now?

That the Trump voter's idol was a limp-dick ego-obsessed nutjob unwilling to commit when faced with what he claimed to believe was a direct violation of the most-sacred of alleged rights protected in the United States -- the right of the people to choose their representatives in government.

Without that this is not a Republic, it is a dictatorship.

Hyperbole?  What are Biden's calls for organized censorship directed by the White House of anything he deems "misinformation"?  That's wildly-unconstitutional and anyone with a shred of honesty knows that even the threat of such is justification for a revolt standing alone.

This is no different than Hitler coming across the ocean (or Xi for that matter) and seizing power.  If in point of fact Trump believed that was occurring as President he had an obligation to stop it by any means necessary, including at the cost of his own life.

He did not.

By not doing so and not conclusively accepting defeat Trump has instead placed the risk of said death on all of us.  He has made a dirty Civil War not only possible but materially more-probable in that the odds of a peaceful resignation of power from those who currently have it, if it is conclusively proved they stole it whether tomorrow or six months hence is zero.  There are a significant number of Americans who will not accept a proved stolen administration.  The form and substance of their refusal is yet to be determined but it is no more immoral or unethical if it results in an uprising of political, economic or violent means than it would be in a place like South Africa, Rwanda, Venezuela or any other place where an invasion or coup d'etat has taken place.

This series of events is akin to knowing Hitler was building an atom bomb during WWII, knowing he'd have it in two months if nothing is done and not bombing the living crap out of everything that might be housing anything related to it irrespective of potential civilian casualties, reducing it all to rubble because you're too much of a pussy to deal with the screaming that will come about civilian casualties and the potential risk to your own political or even physical life from doing so.

Then Hitler, who you allowed to continue his program and who succeeds in his goals nukes both London and Paris, taking the UK and French governments out and declares victory, challenging anyone else who does not immediately surrender with the threat of another bomb.

Had that happened we'd all be speaking German (or perhaps Japanese!) today and Israel would not exist.

Sorry folks but if this was truly believed by Trump to have happened in November -- it was not hot air out of the mouth of an Orange Menace but he actually believed it then Trump had an obligation to expose and stop it irrespective of his personal risk or, for that matter, the perceived or actual risk to the Republican Party.

The job of President sometimes includes having to make very, very tough calls.  But once you make them they're made; you can't go back and replay time.  Life doesn't work that way.  You will, at times, be wrong but when that's part of the job and when you're wrong you suck up your ego and shut the **** up, making amends when you can but accepting the personal and political defeat you resigned yourself to at the time -- whether you were right or not.

There have been times in the past when there was evidence a Presidential election was stolen.  The "declared" losing party decided they were not going to prosecute it and peacefully and quietly retired from the battle.  In some cases (e.g. Nixon) they later came back and won in the future but in the meantime they shut the **** up and told everyone on their side to as well instead of provoking what could potentially lead to widespread civil conflict or worse.  We will never know if Nixon really lost that election or not but history records that in fact he lost and thus it was never proved our Republic was, as that point, systematically and intentionally destroyed.

He made the call and that was that.

What Trump and his ego did during Covid was bad enough.

This may, in fact, be worse and if any of the allegations are true in Arizona it must be presumed similar things of equal magnitude and systemically-corrupt outcome occurred elsewhere since such a wild-eyed and systemic action can only be presumed to be nationally coordinated and executed upon.

What was the alleged statement by Franklin in 1787 when asked what sort of government the Founders delivered to the people?

"A republic, if you can keep it."

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