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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-11 21:24:37
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I agree, BUT, I think it's CCP collaborating with the Davos clique. Fauci, after all, was just outsourcing the gain-of-function mischief to Wuhan. The instigators, I believe, are the ones Fauci works for: the Gates-Soros-Schwab gang, who've had a hard-on for genocide, er, "population control," for decades. For reasons of their own, they've made common cause with the CCP, and the Wuhan lab makes a convenient fall guy. But I think those smug billionaire bastards are delusional if they suppose that they can keep the upper hand over the CCP.

It'll be kind of like all the Iranian Communists back in the '70s who made an alliance of convenience with the Islamic fanatics to get rid of the Shah. What happened as soon as the revolution succeeded? Ayatollah Khomeini rounded up 10,000 Communists and murdered them.

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