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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-11 18:37:21
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Registered: 2021-04-04 Texas
There is definitely something up. Maybe this belongs in the insurance thread.

I just got my homeowner renewal for our home out in the boonies of East Texas (my husband's family home we remodeled and plan to relocate to soon). This is property not medical or life insurance.

There is now a "Communicable Disease Exclusion TAA 530" which states:

coverage is excluded for:

- any liability provided by your policy arising out of the actual or alleged transmission of communicable disease;

- any loss, cost, expense arising out of any request, demand or order to test, monitor or clean up the effects of any communicable disease; or

- any loss, cost or expense arising out of any claim or suit by or on behalf of any government authority for damages resulting from testing for, monitoring or cleaning up the effects of any communicable disease.

"Communicable disease" is defined including but not limited to a bacterium, disease, parasite, prion, virus or other microorganism or any mutation thereof, whether deemed LIVING OR NOT.

Karl nailed it again: These insurance people are sensing a bad moon rising.
2021-07-11 18:37:21