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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-11 16:48:28
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Don't think most converted to Islam only at the point of the sword. Islam replaced Christianity in the regions of North Africa that had been reconquered by Justinian from largely Arian Christians. Islam is probably closer to Arian Christianity than Orthodoxy is.

Hilaire Belloc listed a few reasons for conversion. The chapter is worth reading:

To quote: "But winning battles could not have made Islam permanent or even strong had there not been a state of affairs awaiting some such message and ready to accept it.

Both in the world of Hither Asia and in the Graeco-Roman world of the Mediterranean, but especially in the latter, society had fallen, much as our society has today, into a tangle wherein the bulk of men were disappointed and angry and seeking for a solution to the whole group of social strains. There was indebtedness everywhere; the power of money and consequent usury. There was slavery everywhere. Society reposed upon it, as ours reposes upon wage slavery today. There was weariness and discontent with theological debate, which, for all its intensity, had grown out of touch with the masses. There lay upon the freemen, already tortured with debt, a heavy burden of imperial taxation; and there was the irritant of existing central government interfering with men's lives; there was the tyranny of the lawyers and their charges.

To all this Islam came as a vast relief and a solution of strain."

Tell me if that middle paragraph doesn't sound a LOT (hell of a lot, actually) like today.
2021-07-11 16:48:28