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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-11 16:25:15
Posts: 165
Registered: 2021-06-24 New York
I find it hard to accept that profit was the driver, rather than a free rider on an effort to get people to take the vaxx, to perhaps some larger, more evil end. I really hope it was just another grift for dollars: that's my most optimistic thought.

We are in full agreement that the medical system has become a complete scam no longer primarily concerned with patient health. I'm thinking here of the company that actually cured HepC (for something like $40,000 per patient) and was criticized by Wall Street for that.

Medicare is also the entitlement that's going to take down the entitlement state, so it's plausible that some accounting troll ran the numbers and figured out it was cheaper to pay hospitals to be contract killers. At least they're not openly admitting this yet.

My own parents, well past initial Medicare age, are adamantly refusing any vaxx. They've also not made any precautions, so they might also get the snuff if they get the coof. The ivermectin you've helped me to lay in for myself will also be kept in reserve for them, and I thank you for that.
2021-07-11 16:25:15