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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-11 11:20:54
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Registered: 2021-06-24 New York
I had assumed that the vaxx was a simple scam by the drug companies. $70 per course of injections times 300MM people minus liability for adverse consequences equals $21Billion. A typical scam, especially in light of medications like Lipitor, where most people were not helped outside of the few for whom it was a lifesaver. Getting healthy people to take unneeded medication is a great profit center for the drug companies, and pays for all those ads supporting traditional TV. (don't expect drug truth from a TV program that accepts drug ads.) I was OK with this in a sense: it was a scam, but a standard scam, and I was familiar with it.

But I have to reject the profit-driven nature of the overall scam, KD. Yes, we have a corrupted medical system in the USA, which some entrepreneurs are gradually pulling away from (emergency walk-in clinics that don't take Medicare and Medicaid being one: they are not like hospital emergency rooms in that they don't take Federal dollars and so don't have to take anybody, regardless of payment. This will eventually drive all the cash customers away from the hospitals.). Without armed revolution we can still undermine the existing system by dropping out.

The problem is that the numbers in VAERS match results from the mRNA/spike protein therapies in places like Europe, with its different sets of health plans, none of them the American style. Without an incentive to kill people they still did not push the treatments like ivermectin and went the mRNA/spike route, and they have banned conventional vaccines like China's SinoVax, made from killed viruses and so limited in spike protein. The push for the mRNA therapy is independent of the nature of the medical system, and the ignoring of safety data and vaccine rules of thumb (must provide 100x better results; at 9000 deaths, mRNA therapy is now 15x more effective than not being vaxxed) seems universal.

Either the politicians are frightened and stampeded into this course of action, or they've colluded to push the mRNA therapy. I cannot see frightened, as the data are clear that this is not a safe (let alone effective) course of action, and it would frighten me to be the author of such widespread preventable death and disablement. I can see colluded, which leads to the conclusion that the goal has always been to force the mRNA on the populace, not to skim a few more bucks for the medical complex (they just wet their beaks in going along but didn't design the whole thing.)

My wife thinks that the politicians might know something about the virus and that the mRNA therapy is being pushed to prevent a different, deadlier action that they know is coming. I think they're just bought whores for people who seem intent on killing a lot of the population, but I admit that the possibility is there. Either way, the goal seems to be to have people take this for an unrevealed purpose. Profit is ancillary.
2021-07-11 11:20:54