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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-11 09:47:04
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I agree it's sheer madness to vex all the military, first responders, EMT's, nurses etc. In times of an external attack on this nation or even an internal natural disaster or manufactured crisis there will simply not be enough people in a position to defend the nation or help the dumbed down masses. Lets face it few are self reliant anymore as witnessed by the way they fall to pieces with every passing rainstorm or blizzard. How many people carry a survival kit in their car in bad weather or even have gloves,hat,boots and appropriate clothing ?

Couple all of this with the next manufactured crisis coming, look up "cyber polygon", and ransom ware being ran against the electrical and energy grids, water treatment, sewage, financial, banking systems ad infinitum and there is a massive **** storm coming on the immediate horizon.

Blackcrow wrote..

I literally thought I needed psychiatric help through this. I kept thinking - this can't possibly be right, this violates everything I know about virology, human biology, epidemiology, genetics.
The lies, the disinformation, the insanity, the corruption, the censorship - I just don't recognize my profession.

Your certainly not alone. I've not recognized this world I am living in for quite some time. It's no longer the world of my youth where a persons word was their bond, there was some semblance of respect that had been earned and honesty in almost all dealings. Now it is deceit, criminality, lies, obfuscation and the "all about me" mentality and to hell with everything else.

Fortunately I have spent most of my life needing few interactions with others and have no desire to seek others approval in what I want to do and how I want to live my life. I have never had too many friends but at least the internet has allowed me to converse with more like minded folks. I have corresponded with some for over 25 years now and still have not met them face to face. I consider them better friends than others I have known my entire life.

Now with the coof madness, my few local friends, who I used to think were half ways intelligent, have become even fewer as some have become consumed with the vex, demanding compliance and "yellow star proof" and demanding that I must go along.

Again my reply is FOADIAF !

When they yell and scream that I won't be allowed to travel or go anywhere or do anything or be around them or their families I simply tell them.

That's fine it's yet another dream come true of not having to deal with *******s like you on a daily basis!

Yet somehow I am being unreasonable and uninformed about reality. All they regurgitate is the MSM propaganda and asshat governor's talking points. I too have been told don't send any more links to coo coo websites and obscure stuff. I said fine but don't bother talking to me and commiserating about all your new issues and strange medical things going on.

Stumbled across this last night. Cannot verify the integrity of it but it sure appears damning when looking into all the prior patents and control of everything from the virus, the testing, and everything about it. Of course there is no surprise that the usual piece of **** names float to the top again and again.

Dr. David Martin gives a deposition to Reiner Fuellmich who is hopefully setting up a Nuremberg 2 type trial.

Another bit with Dr. David Martin with links to a longer movie at the end but I could not get that longer one to download and play.

2021-07-11 09:47:04