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User Info Well-Deserved Consequences; entered at 2021-07-10 21:17:15
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Registered: 2020-03-02 South Texas
@Blackcrow Daughter-in-law is ER nurse through all this, had and got through the coof, will not take "this is our shot", and had similar tales as yours. Hers included tales of more folks coming into ER for "our shot" problems than ANYTHING else. Doc in Houston who told us early on that shots would become fatal and damaging RX'ed a close relative ivermectin this week as relative(mid-20's) got the coof. Everyone reading this forum and others KNOWS we are in for a real crapshow. Not sure if seatbelts will be of any use for the ride.

Without a tinfoil hat, I'm starting to believe that website(Deagel) that showed the US population falling to 99 million by 2025 is completely aware of this entire deadly plan we've been watching for 18 months. They've scrubbed that page from their site. Archived here:
2021-07-10 21:17:15