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User Info Crap.... (OAS and OC43); entered at 2021-07-08 17:53:45
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@Spanky -
My wife (in medical field) is now thinking that the J&J as a viral vector vs. Pfizer/Moderna mRNA is "safe" and will protect her. Do you have evidence to the contrary?

ALL of the jabs induce systemic production of the spike and if it gets in the wrong places you're fucked. The same is true if Covid gets them in the wrong places too. The problem isn't necessarily the means of introduction, it's that controlling where produced S1 spike subunit goes, which is what causes the problem in the first place, is not possible.

If you get nailed with the clotting problems you're in deep shit and that appears to be where most of the serious adverse effects are coming from. There is NO WAY to predict if you will or won't as far as I've been able to determine. Further, its entirely possible that MOST people *ARE* getting hit but its sub-clinical. Whether it stays that way is unknown. There is SOME evidence that widespread d-Dimer elevation occurs in people who get jabbed -- I've seen anecdotes of a quarter or MORE of all people show that, but they're small samples and impossible to run down and put a quality metric on, and so far there's no follow-up either so whether this is transient or will be with someone for a long time (or forever!) is not known.

There's no goddamned way I'd take those shots. You're NOT guaranteed to get Covid, you might have already had it and not know and you also might have N-protein cross-reaction and thus be at very low risk of anything more than the sniffles. The latter is impossible to test for at reasonable cost. AT MINUMUM go get checked for antibodies FIRST; why in the hell ANYONE who take the jab if they already HAVE antibodies is beyond my comprehension.

Trying to get ACCURATE data on the relative risk at present is impossible as adverse events are being deliberately ignored, even EXTREME ones like the kid who showed up to testify before Congress. SHE and her parents were told it was a result of "anxiety"; BULL FUCKING SHIT.
2021-07-08 17:53:45