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User Info Psychotics? Yep - Created And Fed; entered at 2021-05-23 11:55:37
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The bigger the lie, the easier it seems to pull off.

The change in CT for the PCR test based on which group your testing should tell the average Joe everything they need to know re: trusting TPTB.

Why is nobody hanging from a bridge and being set on fire, a la MS13-style retribution?

A few reasons I guess.
1. 1/2 population lives on the left side of that IQ curve.
2. The entire population has been dumbed down, brainwashed and to the extent that any of us find our way through public miseducation with our ability to get at the Truth in tact, it's probably some kind of miracle.
3. Most people just flat out don't fucking pay attention.. They are so fucking distracted/busy with shit they can't be bother to sit the fuck down and read and think for a few fucking minutes every day about important shit... Well, those priorities will change FAST when they see vax'd folks all around them dropping like flies.

I'm ready to see some bodies. It'll do us all a lot of good in the long run.

Edit: and I'm sorry to all those who are gonna lose loved ones. I'm gonna lose some too. But being stupid and reckless with your life has never been a good survival trait - not even in the modern age.

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2021-05-23 11:55:37