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This is a great summation article Karl, thank you.

Respectfully submitted that you pin it.

One thing must be noted which i wrote in another comment here. Regardless of what the big players in DIY media restrict, the story gets out in stages over time.

The truth about HIV/AIDS got out before the internet was a big thing through a variety of means whether niche talk radio or common conversation. The official story line were more and more ignored until the point where no one believed the official story and went about life with nary a care and a bunch of correct prejudices. People abandoned the myth in stages, quite early, of personal risk to the non-fucked up (as in not male gay, drug users, bisexuals or massive promiscuity with said) while not directly fighting the lie in public. It was everyone knew that it was bullshit for them, but outside of a few souls who could not rest with a lie out there, people figured that they would parrot the rituals (while not engaging in them personally) and talking points for personal peace and job security. People did fear being shunned outside of a few assholes who liked to tell it as it was. Once the public internet grew common, people did say the above under the safety of anonymity much like they did many other things.

Yet, the current internet authorities are not stopping anything with their restrictions. The HIV/AIDS story was out before the internet published it.

What is on the common internet is simply a symptom. Yes, people got accustomed, translation: lazy, to using the common internet for discourse, however like HIV/AIDS the truth happens to get around, and there is more internet that cannot and will not be restricted.

What is being exposed is a futile attempt based in the panic of the authorities and powerful people with empires based upon bullshit trying to stay relevant. They know as big as they are, that their time is going to pass. There was a time before Facebook and there will be a time after it.

For example, platforms shutting down "free speech" on the internet is nothing new. In the late 2000s amazingly alive local newspaper forums shutdown lively and erudite debate as people were offending others, and now they are but an uninteresting shadow of themselves with much lower interest. BTW: it helped the reporters get information, ideas, perspective and interest. POOF, gone! Nice work, asshole. Was it fun to shoot yourself in the head.

My own personal interest known lovingly as the "manosphere" had the same thing happen when public platforms were used, with a major amount closed right around the Trump revolutions, but many before. Most of us considered this a graceful way to exit once the work was done, and BTW all of the work still exists plus the interest in it.

Alex Jones, i know yuck, was going on and on in the early 2000s about how Youtube would eventually ban him. Last i checked, he is still here as is his information whether one disagrees or not.

David Icke, who we can all agree never promotes any violence or hatred or disgusting things regardless of what one think of his work, is banned by YouTube for no reason. He is still here as he was before YouTube. Get it.

Let's get into nastier stuff but view it objectively. There is this thing known as sex work, like probably one of the oldest businesses in its prime form of prostitution. Well, over the past two decades various website were shutdown by the authorities for various lie reasons and having nothing better to do with lots of publicity. It does not matter one's opinion on the matter. Look at te effect from the standpoint of what is not stopped, pre-internet as described above and currently.

The prostitution websites simply did the following. They changed domains to foreign, went other places, created other things and those who sell it, want it and support the freedom to do it are going about unchanged after a brief transition. And, using the internet model some have evolved methods impervious to scorn and policing under various guises. Some might actually be lasting or easy to perpetuate in the instance of some "new" frustrating factor. Seekinganarrangement anyone? Dating sites? Go ahead, fuck with (oh, that was droll) these concepts.

Remember such arrangements as the above latter two have existed openly long before the internet as anyone who read a college bulletin board in earlier eras knows quite well. for the older initiated: Holly Golightly anyone?

Lots of things above that people get worked up about, temporarily inconvenience providers and customer and truth seekers and advocates for said (such as Karl here), and moral causes and great coverups of crime.

Well the truth always gets out, and people figure a way to get and do what they want.

The only ones who suffer are those who thought that they were the forums or utilities providing the only avenues. They are merely the symptom or the result of somethings going on for a long time. They convince themselves of relevance as any good salesman promoting to the market. Got to believe in what one is selling, right. Well if it is false, they go from brokering millions to being a middle aged man selling cheap mattresses in a strip mall in a suit that once looked good on him, or selling something else that is pathetic.

Don't be that guy.

The founders of things like Facebook are going to be My Space one day for the same reasons that most thing are not timeless.

To be timeless requires honesty, quality and humility.

Look at something, anything, that never goes out of style, even if quite old and maybe not as serviceable in the modern era. This is where the answer lies.

The newspapers of print did not go out of business due to the internet. The going out of business due to the internet was a symptom of crap journalism and printing lies.

Those who have standards and not censorship masquerading as standards will tell you two things. One must stand for something and have morals and the work never ends, and there is no fear of opposing viewpoint.

Such occurs here in the Market-ticker as often as Karl desires. Notice how no one with a differing point of view is silenced, only assholes and those who promote lies. Vigilance takes effort and time.

When one peddles lies, one is afraid of truth. Facebook's leadership knows that their model is based in a lie and is such on many levels and has no staying power once someone finds a new way to exploit. They assuage this fear by deflection. They are saying, "We are relevant and have staying power as we are maintaining standards."

Whom are they trying to convince? Who lives in fear?
2021-05-23 10:57:54