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User Info Psychotics? Yep - Created And Fed; entered at 2021-05-23 09:11:08
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Lie, lie, lie - that's what this government does now and has been doing for years.

Because the unvaccinated are likely to be the deplorables, they do not deserve to be protected. Thus all statistics gathering and reporting, rules, policies, and procedures will be twisted to ensure that the maximum pressure can be applied to make their lives miserable.

You can kill your baby just before it's born and the government will protect that "right." But you can't refuse a jab of an experimental vaccine into your arm. I expect the next talking point will be that the unvaccinated are the breeders for the virus variants and for that reason alone they may not fly, gather at public events, have a job, or get health insurance.

The vaccinated don't mind seeing the unclean punished. But what they don't realize is that every year they will be forced to take another jab. And now that the despots know how to manipulate a population with a fake health-care crisis, they will manufacture another crisis (green energy) that will give them all the justification they need to further restrict freedom. The vaccinated have made a deal with the devil, but it won't be the last one they'll have to make to keep their liberty.

We can all see where this is headed. It isn't good for society to polarize the population and marginalize a large segment of the population. The politicians encourage this because it keeps them in power. But everyone (except those in power) and the elite suffer.

2021-05-23 09:11:08