Israel, Hamas And The AP
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2021-05-16 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Israel, Hamas And The AP
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AP is whining that their "news" office got blown up by the IDF.

Let me remind you that a lot of people were videoing that hit.  Why?  Because the IDF warned everyone to get the Hell out of there first, which they had no obligation to do, and they targeted the building because it was being used by Hamas which, I remind you, has been shooting rockets into Israel for the last several days.

Nobody wants to ask the obvious question: Why was AP paying money to a designated terrorist organization, or those financially connected to same, for said space and is that, for a US firm, legal?

As for the Nut House and its occupant Biden, who gives a wet crap what that geriatric, incompetent fool thinks?  I sure as Hell don't.  May I remind you that for all the yelling people did about Trump he did manage to accomplish getting these two groups to stop shooting at each other!  I don't agree with a lot of said foreign policy but results speak for themselves; Hamas is obviously not afraid of an American response at this point in time.  Gee, I wonder why?

I don't give a damn if Hamas gets pantsed.  And I don't give a damn if Turkey comes in and blows a bunch of people up too.  I consider the risk of them actually doing it rather low; it would certainly get real interesting given Turkey's membership in NATO if Israel responded to such provocation by leveling Istanbul!  Who remembers this ditty which pretty-much describes the Middle East for the last, oh, couple thousand years or more....

So cut the crap eh?

The US should stay out of it.  We should have done so a long time ago.  Turkey as a NATO member was likely a mistake, but that's water under the bridge.  We (and the British) had zero business getting involved in this crap after WWII and we bear responsibility for having done so as exactly zero of what we did there had anything to do with Hitler and his aspirations when it came to the war itself.

Wrap yourself in the pages of your holy books all you'd like; there are plenty of those written by men who claim to be "inspired" to go around and anyone who insists can always find one to use for their own political purposes.

I'm not impressed with any of them or any of the people doing it and I'll take my chances with that view when I finally get to account for my life with the real "Big Guy", assuming, that is, that my belief in him proves, once I can no longer change my mind, to be correct.

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