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@Maynard -- No, the problem is that if there is one article that gets flagged but is on the "newspaper-style front page" then the ENTIRE FRONT PAGE is flagged. Since they won't tell WHICH article it is and I deliberately shut off ads partway through the day to manage earnings (intentionally suppress them) and their report back to me is late (usually mid-afternoon) it is often difficult or impossible to know what pissed them off.

But, I can guess, and taking those off that page and onto another one which is *not* part of their selection removes that issue. If I could see the URLs they're pissed off about it would be easy for me to code around it and not piss them off at all but if I have to force those articles off the front page and thus make them very hard to find then it's not acceptable anyway. This way there's a "front page" that doesn't have that problem for articles in that classification.

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2021-05-06 20:54:47