Do Stupid Things, Win Stupid Prizes
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2021-05-04 09:12 by Karl Denninger
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Do Stupid Things, Win Stupid Prizes
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It's ok folks, it's very "rare".

Uh huh, sure it is.

High school senior Emma Burkey received her “one and done” Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine on March 20, and within two weeks was in an induced coma following seizures and clotting in her brain.

She’s making a slow recovery, having recently been transfered from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, and the first round of bills totaled $513,000. The 18-year-old’s family friends in the Las Vegas area started a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses from the very rare vaccine reaction.

An 18 year old, according to the CDC, has a roughly 1/50,000 risk of being killed by Covid-19 assuming the FDA's and CDC's "standard of care" which prohibits the use of budesonide, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies and a whole host of other drugs which we know work.  One of them, budesonide, has a roughly 90% efficacy in preventing hospitalization (and of course death usually is preceded by that if you get Covid); the others also have some efficacy.  Stacking just those three likely winds up around 95-99% effective, so your actual risk, if you're not a dumb-ass and are both young and get Covid-19 is more like 1/500,000.

And that's if you get Covid.  The CDC says about 1/10 people have over a year's time, so your risk as a healthy 18 year old is approximately 1/5,000,000 since to be exposed to the risk of death you first must get the disease and that is not certain.  Remember, according to the CDC if you die while Covid-19 positive then your death was caused by Covid-19, even though this is not scientifically proved.  This is the same standard that VAERS uses for vaccine death; you died associated with receiving the shot; it is not proved it was caused, but if that's good enough for the CDC to claim the Coof killed you then it sure as hell is good enough to claim the vaccine killed you.

By the CDCs VAERS numbers and the number of delivered shots into arms the risk of the shot killing you is approximately 1/45,000 and if you take the shot the hazard is 100% probable to be undertaken, obviously.  So if you're not specifically morbid the shot is one hundred times more dangerous than the disease.

Oh, and we know the VAERS reports are wildly understated.  Why?  Because it's a voluntary system; there is no mandate on any person or health provider to report potential adverse connected effects.  While you (as the impacted individual) can report to the system obvious doing that if you're dead is somewhat difficult.  Were this a mandatory system where any death within "X" time of an inoculation had to be reported, with a criminal penalty for not doing so by health providers, we might have a more-full picture.  But unlike death certificates which must be issued, and the CDC rules for Covid-19 that say if you were positive any time in the last 28 days, or at death, your death is ruled Covid-related there is no such mandate for VAERS.

Maybe health insurance will pay Emma's bill, at least in part.  What's Emma's deductible, if she has insurance?  Will she be eating that deductible every year for the rest of her life with a continuing care requirement?  Will her insurer refuse to pay entirely, since these were experimental shots?  What happens if Emma wants to start a family and tries to get life insurance down the road?  Will it be available at any reasonable price?  Has her ability to bear a child been damaged or destroyed?  What about her ability to enjoy all the things she used to enjoy; will she, for example, still be able to go for a nice jog?  Can she hold a driver license?  What about a CDL or pilot's license?  What about something as simple as driving a forklift in a warehouse?  Have the seizures permanently destroyed those options for Emma?

You think Emma hasn't had her employment prospects permanently damaged or even destroyed?  Oh, yes, it's illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of their medical status (funny how people claim that "we can require vaccines!" yet ignore that the law actually makes discrimination in employment or services on the basis of medical status illegal eh?) but you can bet employers do exactly that all the time, every single day.  Would you hire Emma knowing that she has a much greater risk of being a serious health insurance cost center?  Not if you can get away with turning her down without her knowing you did it due to her health status!  Proving that was the reason you were discriminated against is very difficult but every employer in the world can see the GoFraudMe campaign for "help."   You think employers don't check that sort of thing on the down low?  They sure do.  Oops.

Emma's medical chart has been permanently branded by this incident and there is no possible way to erase that branding which is now in the MIB and will be with her forever.  It will impact her ability to get a job and it will do lifelong damage to her economically, even if medically it appears she fully recovers, which of course nobody knows at this time.

Emma was stupid.  Emma did a stupid thing; she intentionally took 100 times, that is, 10,000%, of the risk she had no choice but to accept from Covid infecting and killing her, and willingly, being 18 years old and thus an adult, pulled a personal black ball out of the bag.

She won a stupid prize for doing a stupid thing, willingly taking 100 times the natural risk.

Who failed to explain to her the above data?  Who advocated for her to do said stupid thing?  This is not my data it is official government data.  Yet official government agencies and their employees have been screaming all over the media, the news, the CDC itself and elsewhere a factual lie; that for someone who is not at particular risk the shots are wildly more-dangerous than natural infection by the very same criteria that the CDC uses to determine whether or not Covid-19 kills you.

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

Now Emma knows that her government is and has been full of ****, and she learned it the hard way having been personally butt****ed by the so-called "safe and effective" shots for a disease that was far less-likely to harm her than the shot was.

There are people for whom the math runs the "right way", even given the relatively high risk profile of these shots.  But being coerced by an employer, by a school, by peer pressure or by flat-out lies from various "health" organs is not only wrong it damn well ought to result in the most-severe of penalties because we are talking about risks that, if you get a bad dice roll, you can't go back and change your mind.

Don't be Emma.

Do the math before you take the jab.

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