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User Info Relax Folks: The CDC, VUMC, Johns Hopkins Are All *DONE*; entered at 2021-05-03 09:25:00
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North Carolina is getting ready to implement corporate "Vaccine passports" and they are doing it behind closed doors. It should be coming any day now. A bill was written to forbid such requirements in the state and offer protection, but it is looking like Republicans are not going to support it.

While I am tremendously disappointed that the R's are yet again doing ****-all, a small part of me is OK with this, since it will hang the passports squarely around the neck of our ****heel governor. The rollout of this is going to be chaotic and wildly unpopular, and is going to be a death sentence for any business that embraces it. It is going to be awesomely bad. A few months back, I moved my family extremely rural, and out here no one gives a **** about vaccines or mandates. The cities, particularly Raleigh and Charlotte, will comply, but it will only raise my property value as I got out before they did, and lots of non-conformers will be moving my way very soon.

I think you are right, Karl. People are seeing how awful this shot working and we are approaching an inflection point. My payroll admin missed three whole days of work after her second shot. Two healthy young ex-soldiers in my office each missed a day of work with severe nausea. One of our VPs couldn't move his left arm for an entire day. People notice. People talk. These effects are not normal. Just wait until the grocery store says we won't sell you food. Wait until people are forced out of work. Our business has encountered the severe labor shortage that is happening right now. We will be happy to snap up the non-conformers who get pressured out from elsewhere.

On top of all of that, top earners and performers like my wife and I, who have the ability to remake our lives on a dime, are closely watching how this plays out. Would I ever before have considered Florida or Nebraska before? Nope, not until they started offering protections from this tyranny. Now, however, lots of people like us are taking a hard look at where we will be investing our time and talent.

This will not break in the direction the inept powers that be think that it will break.
2021-05-03 09:25:00