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User Info There Are THREE Studies; All Showing Serious Harms; entered at 2021-05-02 10:36:37
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I agree the risk of spike shedding is low. A lot of the people I work with at both locations have received the vaccines, mostly the messenger RNA one, and I haven't experienced a thing. Of course everyone is social distancing at both places, which suits me just fine since I am, by nature, rather stand-offish.

This is all very damning and is not unexpected. The first paper describes what a friend of mine expected last fall. The spike protein is downregulating the ACE2 receptor, which is what my friend thought would happen. The question we had was whether the effect would be permanent or would only last as long as the antibodies resulting from the shot (4 to 6 months). We know that the ACE2 receptor plays a role in regulating blood pressure as well. Anyone getting these vaccines need to check their blood pressure regularly. The fact is these vaccines were rolled out based on the kind of junk science we have seen over the last couple of decades.

There were people over on Vox Day's blog commenting that there were more car accidents in their area since the vaccines rolled out.
2021-05-02 10:36:37