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User Info Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All; entered at 2021-04-28 13:26:20
Posts: 36
Registered: 2021-03-19 UK
I thought at the time that the Diamond Princess was the absolutely vital piece of evidence for the potential severity of what we were facing and my personal lack of fear of the virus stems from the (limited) data I was able to find about the survival rate back then. Karl has quite rightly continued to remind us of Diamond Princess. It's been buried everywhere else. I haven't seen that ship mentioned anywhere except here for a long time.

But we're on the losing side here. Brazil and India are going to make the whole world go even more crazy about this thing. Anyone who says they don't think we should be frightened of the virus, or who speaks out against vaccination or masks is heading for big trouble. Here in the UK we are inexorably moving to social scoring starting with our National Health Service app. Me, I don't care any more. I'll say and do whatever I like and I've got a strategy in place to deal with whatever comes my way, provided I get just a tiny bit of warning, which I think I will. Doesn't bother me one bit because I already decided the worst thing that could happen to me is to go into a "Care Home".
2021-04-28 13:26:20