Bryant: Justifiable Homicide (At Worst)
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2021-04-22 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Bryant: Justifiable Homicide (At Worst)
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Now we have the video of the "girl" that was shot while charging another girl with a knife in-hand.

Burn, Loot and Murder has of course called this event "murder" and tried to tie to the Chauvin verdict, as they happened close in-time.

Utter nonsense.

The video from the cop's bodycam, which was basically immediately released, shows the deceased about to stab another girl with a knife.  She is literally in mid-stroke with arm raised when shot.

A person with a drawn knife within 20' of you is an imminent and legitimate threat to your life; they can close that range before you can draw a weapon and fire.  You are equally or more-likely to die from a knife wound than a gunshot.

I don't care how old the deceased was; she was shot in defense of another who was about to be stabbed, and there's simply no way to argue that fact.  There are plenty of times when one can look at the evidence in different ways and come to different conclusions but this is not one of them.

That was not only a good shoot it was a meritorious one in that there is a good probability it prevented a murder and there is zero doubt that the deceased, at the moment she was shot, was in the process of and intended to complete the act of stabbing another person with a deadly weapon.

Anyone arguing otherwise is a 5-alarm lunatic; were I to be carrying and come upon that scene, and see said girl with raised knife as occurred I would have shot her without hesitation, saving her intended victim's life.  They're free to try me with 12 if they'd like as I'm perfectly fine with submitting myself to judgment under that set of circumstances.

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