To Michigan Residents: You Bought The Ticket, Enjoy The Ride
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2021-04-17 08:35 by Karl Denninger
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To Michigan Residents: You Bought The Ticket, Enjoy The Ride
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Just cut the bull**** ok?

Masks do not work.

"Social distancing" does not work because the places where the virus spreads are not where you can employ it.

These are facts.  Even the CDC admits it.  The largest single source of Covid-19 infection is from symptomatic persons in households. The secondary attack rate is only 0.7%, that is, 7 in 1,000, among asymptomatic people, whether pre-symptomatic or truly asymptomatic.  But among symptomatic people it is about 18%, or very close to 1 in 5.

If only 7 in 1,000 asymptomatic cases result in spread in a household where people are in the same confined space with the same breathing air for hours at a time then incidental exposure to asymptomatic people in a business has to result in much lower transmission. 

In other words masking asymptomatic people in public is stupid and does nothing because those who don't spread the disease unmasked in a house certainly won't do so unmasked in a business or otherwise in public.

On the other hand symptomatic people, had we instead excluded them would have made an impact.  I recommended this early on, including if you wanted to do contactless temperature checks at the door.  Rather than do that I see people coughing into their mask all the time in various businesses, and not once or twice either.  Why aren't they immediately expelled?  If that's Covid they have they're spreading it, and quite effectively so.

The only other statistically important places for transmission, again according to the CDC, were nosocomial spread, that is, from health care workers and in large industrial plants, specifically the meat-packing industry.  But we know masks don't work in the latter at all; very early on Germany, which had a 100% mask requirement in said plants, took a massive super-spread event in such a plant that was sequenced and proved to have occurred in the plant as the index case was identified along with the downstream infections.  So we know masks don't work in meat-packing plants either -- and we knew that with absolute certainty by the summer of last year.  Yet nutjob Witless, along with many others continue to mandate wearing masks even though we disproved  their effectiveness on a scientific basis early on and you in the general public continue to lap it up like fools being led to an alleged "shower."

And what do we have here now in a professional medical journal?

In close range situations, people are much more likely to be exposed to the virus by inhaling it than by having it fly through the air in large droplets to land on their eyes, nostrils, or lips.

In other words your mask is worthless since said aerosols go right through any gap, never mind that with the exception of an N95 (which is legally a respirator, not a maskthe pores in the material are 10x or more larger than the aerosol and thus are exactly identical to trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence, which I pointed out nearly a year ago.  We knew this was fact after the German meatpacking plant outbreak yet you did not shove your governor's and mayor's mask up their ass when they played "you're gonna fall off" flat-earth fear games with you.

You must like displaying your single-digit IQ wearing a proved worthless rag on your face.

When it comes to health care we refused to demand that non-seroconverted people stay the hell away from anyone vulnerable -- that is, people who are morbid, old, or both and yet haven't had the virus (and now, who aren't vaccinated.)  We could have enforced that a year ago and refused to do so, on purpose.  Rather than segregate said health care workers out of society, paying them whatever it took for them to go nowhere other than an isolated hotel room and their work if they were working with at-risk people we branded them "heroes."  Was it "heroic" to transmit the virus all through society -- including into nursing homes?

After all nobody goes to the doctor or hospital that isn't already compromised medically in some way, right?

Meanwhile Witless has crammed down the throats of young, non-vulnerable people a shutdown of schooling, limited re-openings, masked kids, issued fines, even jailed people and otherwise kept those who are at little or no risk cooped up.  That's stupid too, as I pointed out months ago.

For a group of people who claim to believe in evolution you're pretty ****ing stupid up there and indeed everywhere else in the United States.  Putting evolutionary pressure on an organism makes it more likely for mutated traits that evade said pressure to succeed.  You didn't want more-transmissible strains, right?  Well then you should have taken off the ****ing masks six months ago and shoved them up your governor's ass!  You don't want more virulent strains do you?  Well then how smart do you think it is to use non-sterilizing "vaccines" on a population-wide basis which promotes exactly that sort of mutation?

We did learn that decades ago, I remind you and while many have said that risk is "theoretical" that argument went up in smoke with Marek's disease.

You must really like being slaughtered by your "Governor", Michiganders.

After all she's still in office, isn't she?

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

Michigan, you did stupid things.

You elected and continue to allow a worthless piece of **** to infest an office and she, through her policies, killed your mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and you're still letting her get away with it.

You won stupid prizes and you deserve them.

There's a warning in here for other states, governors, cities and counties too: Don't believe your own press for a second.

Sevier County's mask mandate expired on the 15th.  Yesterday, the 16th, I went into Gatlinburg to see how the Tard Rags of TN was doing.  Most of the signs other than the sun-worn ones parroting the "mandate" were gone.  The ones that were sun-worn were ignored; 95%+ of the people walked right in, no diaper on the face.

But the few businesses that had real signs up; their own, which of course on private property they can do, really have two choices: Cut that crap out or go out of business.  The difference between the two was stark and let me tell you, between attitudes even where there was no sign was worse.

The majority of human communication is non-verbal.  A huge part of that is through your face.  A smiling clerk behind the counter sells goods and services.  A masked face does not and the people don't want anything to do with it.  Earthbound had up the most-audacious of all the signs and the place was deserted on a Friday, which in Gatlinburg, well, the town itself was mobbed.

I bought a coffee at Burg, which I used to do before the Tard Rags. Their coffee was as good as always; they're the only coffee shop that is worth the money in town.  There was no sign, but they were wearing them inside anyway and the guy behind the counter -- was he scowling that I was not?  Was he mouthing "**** you" under that bandana?  He said he was annoyed the Mayor dropped the order, so maybe my smiling face was un-welcome and underneath that bandana he had his tongue out at me, or was mouthing something like "*******"Since he covered his face I have no idea.  And, during the time I was getting my coffee they only had one other customer.  Just go ahead and put the "Going Out of Business Sign" up right now Burg.

On the other hand there's this tiny sandwich shop I found; had never been in there before.  It was full, and good. Meats carved right there, and every employee in the place was smiling.  They were being rewarded at the cash register too.

While driving home, just for those who think that was all just tourist opinion I stopped at a local grocer.  I was in there two days ago and mask compliance was probably 90%.  Only about third of customers were wearing them yesterday.  These are all locals; it's not in the part of town where the tourists go, by and large.  Yeah, there were some scared Karens, but they were far outnumbered by rational, thinking people who have had enough of the bull****.

Oh by the way, maybe that revulsion from the lies is extending to the jabs as well.


The blood clots, randomly-delivered, are free.  No thanks *******s.  Tomorrow's column will explain in more detail; there's science on this now, you see, which we didn't bother to take the time to learn before.  IMHO every one of the EUAs must be immediately revoked for anyone not at significantly-elevated risk as there is now emerging hard, scientific evidence that they have a decent probability of causing significant and potentially permanent harm.

You done ****ed up Mayor Waters and Governor Lee and there's no evidence you're penitent men either.

May you get yours, as you well-deserve, at the ballot box and in all other respects.

PS: Be sitting down when you read tomorrow's column.

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