And Now Proof: Covid Vaccines are MORE DANGEROUS Than Covid
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2021-04-15 12:02 by Karl Denninger
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And Now Proof: Covid Vaccines are MORE DANGEROUS Than Covid
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in the non-morbid.

I suspected the data would be forthcoming showing this given the VAERS reports and now we have it:

Using an electro nic health records network we estimated the absolute incidence of cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) in the two weeks following COVID-19 diagnosis (N=513,284), or influenza (N=172,742), or receipt of the BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccines (N=489,871).

The incidence of portal vein thrombosis (PVT) was also assessed in these groups, as well as the baseline CVT incidence over a two-week period. The incidence of CVT after COVID-19 diagnosis was 39.0 per million people (95% CI, 25.2–60.2). This was higher than the CVT incidence after influenza (0.0 per million people, 95% CI 0.0 – 22.2, adjusted RR=6.73, P=.003) or after receiving BNT162b2 or  RNA-1273 vaccine (4.1 per million people, 95% CI 1.1 – 14.9, adjusted RR=6.36, P<.001).

Wait a second.... you said the vaccines are more dangerous yet the data says that Covid-19 is ten times as dangerous as the vaccine for the same condition.  So how can the title of this article be correct?

Simple: For every reported infection somewhere around ten are not reported.  Either they're completely asymptomatic (about 30%) or mild enough that the person in question does not identify it as potentially Covid-19 and thus does not get tested.

Yet both of the latter confer immunity just as does a symptomatic case.

Further, you're not guaranteed to get the disease.  You are guaranteed to take the risk if you get the shot.  Therefore we must adjust for the risk of contracting the disease which is not certain; you may have already had it and not know it and, in addition, you may have cross-reactive immunity.

Therefore the shot is close to or even more-dangerous than the disease.

The baseline for approval of any therapy is that it must be much less dangerous than the disease itself.  When it comes to vaccines the usual expectation is that it should 100x or more safer to get the shot than the disease, simply on the basis that you are not guaranteed to get the disease irrespective of how bad it is.  If the disease is particularly lethal either generally or to you then a risk that is material for the vaccine is acceptable.

What's even worse is that this risk is basically identically in both mRNA and viral-vector (e.g. J&J) formulations; they both cause the same result in the same percentage of recipients, yet the FDA is still allowing the mRNA vaccines to be administered!

Covid-19, in non-morbid (young, but not exclusively so) people, only kills about 1/50,000 times -- so if the shot gets you 1/250,000 times it's a bad risk since a huge percentage of infections are not medically known as they are clinically significant and you are not guaranteed to be infected at all since you may have already had it and not known it or be resistant due to a previous infection with some other coronavirus and thus not at risk of developing clinical disease.

These shots are not approvable on the math for other than materially-morbid individuals.  In healthy adults and especially healthy children they should be prohibited outright as they are, on the math, more dangerous than the virus.

Indeed the FDA must immediately revoke the EUAs for all of them in any person who does not have a pre-existing morbidity that materially raises their risk above baseline and require prior antibody testing (said tests cost a couple of dollars in bulk and read in 15 minutes or so, I remind you) to confirm that existing immunity is not already present since in such a person there is no evidence whatsoever that the shot provides any benefit yet the risk remains material in their administration.


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