Idiocy: Experimental Vaccines And Spike Proteins
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2021-04-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Idiocy: Experimental Vaccines And Spike Proteins
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So now the FDA has "paused" the J&J Covid-19 vaccine because of, as they claim, just six cases of thrombotic disorder.

That alleged "six" is a ******ned lie; this is a hell of a lot more common than that even though one in a million is outside of the parameters that are acceptable for a disease that only gets you 2/100,000 times.  Why?  Because you're not guaranteed to get a virus but you are guaranteed to take the risk when you are stabbed with it.  As such while it sounds like the vaccine is wildly safer than the virus that's false because infection probability has to come into the picture too, plus whatever mitigation and treatment options you may have.  Of course if you're wildly obese or otherwise compromised the math is different but anyone who believes that a mere six incidents are involved here has rocks in their head, particularly when the mRNA vaccines are associated with over 2,000 deaths at this point in time and yet they have not been similarly "paused."

It appears the root cause has been identified and it's deeply troubling.  This is one of those "you *******s should have known this was stupid" sort of thing, but of course you'll never hear that.  The good news is that if you get hit immune globulin appears to be a potential pathway out of what may otherwise wind up being a trip into a coffin but the bad news is that the symptoms of this problem tend to be diffuse until you're in deep crap and nobody is identifying potentially-susceptible people prior to stabbing them.

Do remember that when Covid-19 kills it almost-universally does so with a presentation of clotting in places where it should not occur, and that elevated d-Dimer is a very reliable indication that you're going to get hammered.  This was reported in the first few months of last year and I noted very early on that it was happening, it fully explained why ventilators were worthless since without gas exchange due to clotting you can ram however much oxygen into the lungs and it will do nothing or worse, cause physical damage and embolisms, and that getting to the bottom of that and stopping it when detected was key to management of severe cases that were at risk of becoming fatal.

In addition preventing those events through early treatment modalities was obviously essential as once you get into that sort of dysregulation of your body's systems you're in trouble and the odds of dying are very high.

The evidence is, by the way, that the mRNA vaccines have a worse safety profile than the J&J shot does.  Who remembers the healthy doc who got one of the mRNA shots and had the same thing happen to him?  Go look up the death numbers associated with Covid19 vaccines yourself in VAERS.  Do remember that VAERS, because it is a voluntary system and the hospitals are incentivized to code anything they can as "Covid-19" because they get paid a bonus for doing so provides great incentive to find some way not to call a vaccine death an actual vaccine death.  Nonetheless there are a crap-ton of reports, roughly a hundred times as many as are found for flu shots that we give morbid and otherwise not-in-great-shape people every single year.

The last time I checked dead is dead and the entire point is not to be dead.  Further, it is gross malpractice by any reasonable definition to refuse to give a patient any sort of treatment on an early basis for a given disease, deliberately doing nothing until the person is on death's door.  This is only gotten away with legally because in the early days Trump's HHS secretary invoked an emergency law provision that immunizes hospitals and doctors from lawsuits for anything they do or don't do in the treatment of Covid-19.  Oh and our wonderful, life-affirming President now, Mr. PuddinHead, has not withdrawn that exemption.

Why not?  Well gee, we can't cut off the $30,000 "bonus payments" to hospitals for people with Covid, right?  I mean all those *******s heroes might get sued for refusing you Ivermectin and Budesonide when you get Covid if that was to be withdrawn and you died.  That would be great horrible and we must keep the death fear going so as to get you to take a jab that might kill you too, and for which they're also immune if it does.  After all there is only tens of billions of dollars each and every year at stake from this pack of lies since they're already telling us this will be a ritual we shall be expected to partake in every six months or year forever into the future.

It ought to be obvious that playing parlor tricks on your body's cells to produce the "spike protein" -- not introducing it directly into your body which is incidentally the actual definition of a vaccine, but tricking your cells to produce it instead (and which has now been magically redefined to count as a "vaccine") is inherently dangerous.  You'd think that a decade or more of both animal and human trials, with very close follow-up on every single human so-exposed, with all of the data written up and presented to the world in public would be required to know if this sort of malarkey has unknown but severe danger associated with it.  Among other risks doing this could result in cells in very unpleasant places (e.g. your heart, spleen, etc.) taking up said "instructions" and being damaged, leading to an immune response in a very bad place that could injure or kill you, or it might lead your body to target your own cells since by definition the cells that take up said "programming" and produce the protein are diseased.  If either of those things happen then the very same thing that kills you when Covid goes badly might kill you as a result of the vaccine either immediately or somewhere down the road when challenged either by the original virus -- or some other as yet not-identified stimulus.

Can you know this approach is safe in just a few months time?  Nope.  You might think it is but what happens if you're wrong?  Unlike a drug that is dosed daily and thus can be stopped if you begin to experience bad side effects you can't un-do the effects of a shot.

I note we've never done this before hijacking the body to produce proteins on purpose that we want the immune system to attack but heh, a little testing is plenty good enough, right?  Animal studies on a comprehensive basis to detect trouble (which can take years) aren't all that important nor is a decade or more of follow-up with a small cadre of volunteers and so we'll stab a few people, present incomplete data to the public and claim that "it works 100% of the time in preventing death and severe disease!" then release it and stab 100 million Americans or more, only to find that it really doesn't work as well as claimed and that certain side effects, including ones that might kill you and are suspiciously like how the virus kills if it gets you badly, were "missed."

Speaking of things being intentionally missed where are the animal trial results?  Normally when you develop a drug of any sort it is first tested in animals.  Said animals, after being checked for production of the desired response are then sacrificed and autopsied progressively over time along with the controls (which did not get the drug) to see whether there are signs of injury from the drug.  Those animal studies weren't stopped as soon as the human trials began, were they? If they weren't stopped where are the results?  Why can't I find and read them for each of these vaccines?  What evidence do we have that even at the animal level causing the body to produce the "S" (spike) protein through said parlor tricks does not cause direct and serious harm?

Then we follow it up with people screaming about requiring said shots, like, oh, University Provosts, ball parks and corporate "leaders", all of whom ought to consider that their families and themselves are not immune by law nor from the mob that may come after them if this lack of proper testing and verification turns into a widespread problem.  Go ask the folks up in Minneapolis whether said alleged "law" has stopped Burn, Loot and Murder there.  What could happen if people with an IQ greater than their shoe size decide that they're not going to take "you can't sue anyone over this and nobody's going to jail; her life is expendable so we could all virtue signal and make money" for an answer when their 20 year old college-student daughter dies as a direct consequence of this coercion?

At the same time we also continue to ignore the mountain of evidence that early treatment works; this was known back in the first months of 2020 but of course if you have any early treatment that works then you cannot get an EUA for a vaccine and this would interfere with people making money since they'd have to run said full and normally-expected set of tests first.  Of course if you ran the full set of tests you would have also found the problems and thus those people who died from the jab would still be alive and since the therapies in fact do work most of those who died of Covid-19 would also still be alive and, without the fear generated by a big body count that can be splayed all over the media there'd be no market for said vaccines either.

But heh, what's the problem with 500,000 dead people in America when it produces a nice profitable many-billions line of recurring business?  Yes, not once, they're all saying this will be an annual or even more-often thing once you start with the jabs.  If a few more die because we didn't bother with all the testing that is supposed to happen before we roll out vaccines who cares?  Nothing can get in the way of either the fear porn or profit.  We must tell people to wear useless face-diapers and shut things down, never mind so-called "experts" at Vanderbilt screaming about "variants" that they claim are more-deadly when that's complete bull**** on the facts as well, using said lie as a cudgel to coerce people to get stabbed with an experimental vaccine that certainly appears to be quite dangerous.  While J&J, Pfizer and Moderna along with the ******* who personally jabbed you in the arm may be immune from lawsuits neither Vanderbilt or said Jackass Schaffner is when they present misleading claims that wind up resulting in injury or death.

Never mind the rank refusal to tell people that if you ate yourself into a blob for 20+ years it's not my problem that it made you 1,000x more susceptible to severe disease from something that is otherwise usually no more serious than the common cold.  We're talking about a disease that, among non-morbid, is roughly as hazardous as Chicken Pox in a child -- a risk anyone older than about 30 was deliberately exposed to by their parents, author included.  You want to stuff your face that's fine but the consequences of doing so are yours alone and it's neither my business nor concern if that decision kills you when a virus comes around.  Try to make it otherwise and I'm going to remove every single obesogenic thing from your life by force; if you attempt to stuff a gun up my nose then expect one up yours in response.  You have the right to eat yourself to death just as you have the right to drink or smoke yourself to death but you do not have the right to demand I do a single thing to mitigate your risk because you made that choice and it is long past the point where Americans should tell everyone exactly that -- and back that declaration up with whatever turns out to be necessary.

Oh, and if you have the right to eat yourself into a blob why can't I demand Budesonide and Ivermectin from the local doc-in-a-box  or just show up at a pharmacy window if I think I have the Coof and get them everywhere in the United States in every single case?  Why are drugs that cost under $10 all over the world and have safety profiles well-documented over decades of use so damnably hard to get with many being refused even if they ask?  Why do people keep having to sue to get treatments that prove effective when used?  If its my body and my choice when it comes to all manner of other things, whether eating myself into an obscenely fat blob, smoking like a 707 on take-off,  drinking vodka straight out of the bottle like a Soviet-era soldier or aborting a fetus that I don't want to take time off my "lifestyle" to bear and raise why is it that some ******* has the ability to tell me that I cannot have a drug that I believe will arrest the progression of a disease when it is in the financial interest to the tune of $30,000 for said ******* to see me wind up in the hospital or dead?

These people and the institutions that fester all over this nation in the so-called "medical mafia" must be destroyed.

Is not 500,000 dead Americans enough for you to throw a flag on this crap and stop it?

Oh, and while we're at it **** Fauci; in my view he ought to be in prisonThat SOB funneled $7 million into the Wuhan lab to evade a ban on gain-of-function research in the United States that Obama put into place in 2014.  That's plenty of reason standing alone to support the belief that bat bastard may be directly responsible for this pandemic; that he did both fund and greenlight "gain of function research" at the Wuhan lab and that they were working with viruses that are genetic predecessors of Covid-19 are all facts.  Never mind Judicial Watch uncovering him entering into confidential agreements with China in the early months; exactly what they were concealing has still not been disclosed and China continues to refuse to allow any outside party to have access to their raw data.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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