The Fraud Collapses: Cheap Meds Better Than Vaccines
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2021-04-12 14:40 by Karl Denninger
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The Fraud Collapses: Cheap Meds Better Than Vaccines
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Still not ready to start tossing people in prison, starting with Fraudci, Trump, every one of the pharma companies and now Biden and his jackass cabal as well?

Findings from the phase 2 randomised study, which was supported by the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), were published on the medRxiv pre-print server.

The findings from 146 people – of whom half took 800 micrograms of the medication twice a day and half were on usual care – suggests that inhaled budesonide reduced the relative risk of requiring urgent care or hospitalisation by 90% in the 28-day study period. Participants allocated the budesonide inhaler also had a quicker resolution of fever, symptoms and fewer persistent symptoms after 28 days.

90% effective in preventing hospitalization.  Obviously if you don't go to the hospital you also don't die.

That's as good as a vaccine yet it comes with none of the risks of a vaccine, including viral evasion, ADE and direct vaccine-related injury.

The trial was inspired by the fact that, in the early days of the pandemic, patients with chronic respiratory disease, who are often prescribed inhaled steroids, were significantly under-represented among those admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

Which of course should have been the other way around since it's a respiratory virus and thus you'd expect someone with compromised lung function to get hit harder than someone who was not.

I will point out that a Texas doctor was talking about this last spring and yet the NIH and CDC did nothing with that, and in fact the FDA says there is no treatment.

They're all lying and the reason they lied is the same reason they lied about Ivermectin; you can't issue an EUA if there is a safe and effective treatment.

This was all about money from the start and we've killed hundreds of thousands in the United States as a direct result of these lies so big pharma and the medical system can profit from the death and misery of the people.

My county has had 174 deaths.  By this math it should have been 17, which I remind you is about half to two thirds of the average death rate from influenza over the last five years.

We killed those people and we let the pharma and medical people do it on purpose.

Are you still going to get let them get away with it now that the facts are known?

There are three drugs which all work to some degree and there are likely more that were never tested and won't be due to our rapacious pharmaceutical and medical industry: HCQ if used early enough, Ivermectin which works both as a prophylaxis and as a treatment in all disease phases and thus is wildly superior to HCQ and Budesonide, which this study says works when symptomatic.  Budesonide, incidentally, is very inexpensive (~$10 or so) outside the US but in the US the pharma industry rapes asthmatics for up to $300 or more for a single inhaler.  Anecdotally I can tell you that a friend of mine demanded both Ivermectin and Budesonide on hospitalization and his O2 sat normalized very rapidly; he's fine and had one foot in the hole when admitted.

And will FLCCC start calling this what it is and has been on a daily basis: Mass-manslaughter for profit?

What's the proper punishment for people who commit mass-manslaughter for profit?

I will not take your experimental vaccine.  Not now, not ever.  I am not your ******ned guinea pig.

I choose the known working alternatives should I get this virus.

PS: Note the date on that study and paper; where's the common use and approval in the US in places like, oh, say...... Michigan?

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