IF This Is True There Is No Longer ANY Law
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2021-04-11 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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IF This Is True There Is No Longer ANY Law
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Folks, read this and think about it a bit.

According to Sandlin, Barnett was targeted by black prison guards who said to him: “I hate all white people and your honky religion.” This savage response is likely due to a relentless fake news media campaign painting the pro-Trump patriots as “white supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” without evidence.

Let me make this clear: If this is true every single one of these "guards" must be immediately arrested, indicated and tossed into general population.  NOW.


Because most of the people arrested for participating in the actions on Jan 6th thus far have committed no more serious a crime than trespassing.  Yes, that's a crime.  Yes, they will be punished.  Many of them were charged originally with wildly-excessive and false claims but some have already been downgraded and more will be over time.  Bet on it.

Not that the specifics of the charges originally, or what will ultimately "stick" much matter since we're talking about basic principles here.

The premise of our criminal justice system is that while you may well be incarcerated prior to trial you have a right to get to the courtroom and have your case heard in substantially the same condition you were, or better, than when you were apprehended.  To allow otherwise is to state clearly that trials are no longer required nor is the evidence important; an arrest is guilt, period.

Want to go there folks?

You know why you don't, right, despite how much you may hate someone who has been arrested?

Because if you let that happen and this becomes expected nobody will ever surrender on any charge ever again.

Not even something as trivial as speeding.

Nor should they.

Now contemplate that being the son of a former VP, and now President, apparently means you will not be investigated and charged for what is apparently sexual abuse of minors and illegally obtaining a firearm through lying on Form 4473 -- both of which are felonies.

Do you accept the current environment where both of these thing appear to be true?

Think long and hard before answering.

In such an environment the only proper response once you believe you may be arrested for an original offense whether you actually committed it or not is pre-emptive violence against any who might seek to apprehend, prosecute or imprison you and everyone who those people love and care about.  Remember that in such an environment actual guilt does not matter and there is no longer any reason to believe you have a right to a trial at all -- whether fair or not!  Thus your choices from basic logic are reduced to two: Die quietly in submission or see how high you can rack the scoreboard on your side before they inevitably score "1" on theirs.

Now do you understand why in any civilized society what is alleged to have occurred must not be allowed, ever?


I don't want to live in that world and neither do you so let's make sure it doesn't happen.

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